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John B., England

I really enjoyed Renvi moto very much. It's the best transportation, when youl live in a big city.

John B., England

Karla R., Germany

Renvi moto became the perfect transportation for the fast food delivery in our company.

Karla R., Germany

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18 of December, 2013

Today we signed agreements with dealers in Russia. Now you can find Renvi Moto in Moscow, Sankt-Peterburg and Kalliningrad. At this time we already have dealers in sixteen countries in Europe and Asia.

04 of November, 2013

The first shipment of both model Renvi Moto scooters just reached our warehouse and are ready for you to order them. More information about the models (Enclosed and Sport) you can find in our website, at the section 'models'.

02 of October, 2013

Today, we finally uploaded the Renvi Moto official website. Here you'll find the main and most important information about the Renvi Moto scooters, can look at it in the photo and video galleries, make orders directly from the site.


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